Healthy Relationship Ahead!
Love is out there. It’s time you experience it.

  • I never get past the first date.
  • I seem to attract all the wrong people.
  • I keep my walls up so I don’t get hurt.
  • Dating is too time-consuming and exhausting.
I hear sentiments like these all the time. In fact, I’ve experienced them all myself. It’s no wonder dating can be an intimidating proposition for even the most confident among us.

Have you ever thought:

  • Can I have one amazing relationship to last a lifetime?
  • Can I be a successful, smart professional and have time for a romantic partner?
  • Can I attract the right person for me?
  • Can I navigate the maze of dating?

The answer is YES! The time for lasting love is now! And I can help you find it.

You deserve the love a healthy relationship offers. You are worth it. And that special person is out there waiting to find you . . . he or she is worth it too.

My proven system prevents you from . . .

  • Wasting your time, money, and energy
  • Dating the wrong people
  • Divorce
  • Losing yourself in a relationship or sabotaging a great relationship
  • Being blindsided

Sounds great, right?

I am confident that the tools I offer will lead you to true love that lasts. I don’t teach you how to “get” a relationship; I teach you how to attract a phenomenal relationship and do it in a smart, savvy, and fun way. You’ll learn the exact skills you need to experience a healthy relationship and how to never be single again, unless it’s your choice.

Are you ready to be a student of dating,
love and healthy relationships?

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Why Me? Why Loveablize?

I’ve stumbled through the trenches of love. I’ve crawled my way out of the dark dating hole and escaped the never-ending dating merry-go-round. Along the way, I learned how to adjust my poor dating habits. Using the skills I developed, I met my husband in 2011 and was in love in just 4 days’ time.

I can offer expert coaching because I’ve lived and learned and made it my business to help and guide others who want a healthy relationship. I am a wife and an author, and my coaching has an 86% success rate. I am compassionate, supportive, and utterly committed to helping you achieve a fulfilling love life.

People hire me because they want to cut through the crud and find the love they never thought existed. As a result of my coaching, my clients gain the necessary skills to attract and maintain loving relationships in less time and with more FUN!

Healthy, Fulfilling Relationships in 2 Phases

The good news is that the process I offer—becoming your best self and
finding your ideal partner—is rewarding and can be smooth, fun, and easier than you may think.

Heal & Energize Me!

Phase 1 focuses on laying the groundwork you’ll need to move through past experiences and embrace your most loveable self.

In this phase you will:

  • Eradicate unresolved baggage lingering from past relationships;
  • Reset your energy to increase your love vibration;
  • Rebuild trust in yourself and potential matches; and
  • Transform your thoughts into those that work for you rather than against you. Mindset is half the battle in dating!

Typical results in this phase are:

  • Feeling lighter, happier, and more spacious to date by letting go of stubborn past relationship “leftovers”;
  • Lifting dating dread, leaving you excited and energized to meet quality people;
  • Getting comfortable and confident in your own skin; and
  • Believing that you actually can have the romantic relationship you want.

This phase is crucial and entails transformation to provide a solid, grounded, unshakable foundation for dating. Changing your mindset changes your feelings internally and opens you up to the possibility of something new. You will gain powerful tools to prevent unhealthy patterns and remove blocks that are actively keeping you from true love.

What is included in Phase 1?

  • Three 45-minute calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • Weekly assignments
  • PDF copy of my book Loveable

Guide Me, Guru!

Phase 2 concentrates on using your newly built foundation to establish healthy dating habits and extraordinary relationships.

In this phase you will:

  • Get comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable about how to date;
  • Establish a plan by discovering who will fulfill you specifically—and removing incompatible matches before you go on wasted dates. Together, find events and opportunities that work for your schedule;
  • Learn to engage with people naturally and decipher others’ communication and behavior successfully;
  • Gain the skills and confidence to ask for exactly what you need and want in a way that you will usually receive it;
  • Master dating dynamics—masculine/feminine energies, expectations, who does what, leading vs. guiding, playful flirting, communication, and more;
  • Learn to nourish a healthy and lasting relationship.

Typical results you will experience in this phase are:

  • Breaking unhealthy patterns;
  • Meeting quality people at places you enjoy;
  • Knowing clearly what you bring to the table as a partner, and owning it;
  • Expressing yourself authentically and having confidence in expressing your feelings; and
  • Gaining overall life skills to make your own decisions, think for yourself, and be lovable.

In this phase, dating becomes a fun, exciting, and enjoyable experience, and lasting love becomes possible. You will understand how to advance a relationship and course-correct behavior to ensure greater love. You will possess the tools and knowledge to be in a mutually fulfilling, awesome relationship.

What is included in Phase 2?

  • Nine 45-minute calls; approximate duration 4-6 months
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • Weekly assignments
  • PDF copy of my book Loveable
  • 5 minute “S.O.S.” calls

Don’t know what phase you need?

Don’t worry, we’ll have a 30-45 minute complimentary call to determine just that! I’ve been coaching men and women for over 7 years and I have a knack for knowing how much support will honor you and your journey.

In general, you will be best served with me coaching you through phases 1 and 2 if:

  • it has been a long time since you’ve dated;
  • you still have some past-relationship residual lingering in your heart and mind;
  • you’ve been in a couple of unhealthy relationships;
  • you’re frustrated, exhausted, and confused with the dating scene; or
  • you’re dating a fair amount and just about to beat your head against a wall because you’re sick of dating and nothing seems to be working.

In some cases, clients can jump straight to Phase 2. You may be able to do so if you have:

  • worked on yourself with other therapists, coaches, or healers to clear out the past; or
  • a positive attitude toward dating, relationships, and love.

Don’t take my word for it.
Clients rave about my coaching . . .

  • “Thank you soooo much! He is the man of my dreams and I’m in the BEST and easiest relationship ever!”


  • “I didn’t expect finding the love of my life to happen so quickly! I really am so thankful for all the work Suzanne helped me do to be able to appreciate who he is.”


  • “After working with Suzanne, I went from having no dates to four possible interests—including a referral from friends. And boy were my socks knocked off. I was blown away—here is this one woman who is everything I wanted.”


  • “What Suzanne has taught me is to never give up, always believe in myself, and create my chances. You never know what’s around the corner.”


  • “Suzanne was extremely easy to open up to and trust, and she really made the process very enjoyable, natural, and worthwhile.”


My two-phase coaching system provides the knowledge and wisdom that allows you to establish new ways of thinking and developing new habits in order to experience the BEST relationship of your entire life.

The process starts with a quick discovery call together to ensure we're aligned and confident in our partnership. Are you ready?

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No matter where you’re starting on this journey, you are in great hands. My goal is to teach you the skills to achieve the ultimate result, true love.

The time to improve your love life is now. Your perfect partner is out there waiting for you. And, I’ll be right alongside you every step of the way.

You know there is more to life … You know the dating world can be navigated once you’ve gained and mastered the needed skills.

With my results-proven coaching, you will confidently take the dating world by storm and move toward a healthy relationship and everlasting love.

I can’t wait to begin this journey with you.

P.S. Still not sure if my coaching is for you? Of course it is! Remember that this is an investment in yourself, one that will carry over into other aspects of your life (financial, career, family, etc.) If you are willing to be a student, I can teach YOU!

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