My Approach

Suzanne Muller-HeinzI’m happy you clicked My Approach because it’s important if we choose to work with each other. There are a lot of dating, love and relationship coaches out there, and everyone connects with different personalities and visions. Thanks for taking a minute to read this to see if we are a good fit as client/coach.

As a kid, I learned the hard way through the school of hard knocks. I often felt unlovable, unwanted and not good enough. Finally, I figured out how to date, what men like and do not like, what love is, and how to have a healthy relationship. Took me 40 years, but I did it, and am always learning new things.

You may be asking, how did I do it? I literally had to unlearn and relearn everything about dating men, love and relationships, and studied various methods. I then stopped listening to “the rules”, common myths, and clichés buzzing at me.

In addition, I developed some tools of my own that worked for me and for many of my clients. I found something that resonated really well for me and numerous clients. I encourage you to read some of the before and after stories here.

I believe dating and relationships can be fun, simple and healthy, and, fortunately or unfortunately, it starts within. If you’re like me, you can be fairly independent, and the dating process can make you feel insane at times. Yes? If so, you’ll love my thought process and the different perspectives I offer. You’ll enjoy the steps I came up with and, especially, the results you will achieve when you take the coaching, do the work and invest in yourself to never be single again. What would that be like for you?

The reality is that people break up, people get divorced, and people often change their minds on a dime. I don’t want to teach you how to “get a relationship” or “look for love”, and yes, it’s part of my approach. I want more than that for you!

I’ll teach you how to be loveable so love finds you. I want you to learn how to have a lasting relationship. I want you to have the skills deep down so you clearly know who will fulfill you and how to maintain that relationship forever.

If you’ve heard me on radio shows or podcasts, you know I tout the concept of being loveable. How do you become loveable? It has three key parts.

Learn how to:
#1) Love someone fully
#2) Receive outrageous love from someone
#3) Love and honor yourself ongoingly

To me, these aspects together are the secret to feeling wanted, sexy, confident, bold, attractive, as well as making a wildly successful and fulfilling relationship for a lifetime a real possibility.

According to my research, the four main phases to the relationship process are:
1) Preparing yourself and your heart to date
2) Dating
3) Selecting and being selected as a life-partner
4) Maintaining the healthy relationship (because you are always dating your partner)

Everyone has the capacity for a fulfilling, healthy and loving relationship! Some people have strong skills around that area, and others have what I like to call “weak muscles” that can be built and strengthened with knowledge and practice. A weak muscle just means you do not have the skills to feel confident. Usually this occurs when we are out of practice, don’t know how, have forgotten, or are blind to something we haven’t considered. Isn’t that the beauty of learning and becoming good at something!?!?

This is where I come in. I offer many services for clients. The core of my work is focused on these seven areas:

  1. Release leftovers from past relationships to free up your heart and make space in your mind and heart to SEE fulfilling love.
  2. Change old thoughts and energy about dating, relationships and love, and build a BIG new destiny that’s a fit for you.
  3. Prevent wasting your time, money and energy with clarity about who WILL fulfill you for a lifetime.
  4. Discover where to meet the person who WILL fulfill you and is available.
  5. Break patterns and understand healthy dating and relationship habits.
  6. Enhance your partner “picker” skills so you never pick “wrong” again.
  7. Learn real communication skills to have a fulfilling, loving and lasting relationship.

When these specific areas mentioned above are clear and solid, you will feel strong, capable and healthy. You also will feel more loveable – and anything can happen. Feeling more confident and trusting in yourself and others is when your natural attracting-energy rises.

If you are interested and willing to put in the time, make the effort and invest in yourself to be successful in a superb relationship, I invite you to take action.

That action could look like:

  • scheduling a complimentary consult with me.
  • registering for a class.
  • taking the survey to measure your skills.
  • if you like to be direct and fast, text me at 720.537.9405. Tell me your name and time zone and we’ll schedule a 30-60 minute dating and love life complimentary call.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my approach!