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On a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high), please rate yourself in the white area just below each question:

1) How much do you trust women?

2) How comfortable are you in the dating process?

3) How would you rate yourself as a great date?

4) How handsome do you think you are?

5) What is your ability to have a healthy relationship that could last a lifetime?

6) How confident are you in understanding the needs of a woman?

7) How much do you love and honor yourself?

8) Where would you rate your ability to have a woman feel safe with you, physically and emotionally?

9) How much do you trust yourself?

10) How would you rate your current communication skills to maintain and sustain a healthy relationship when you find it?

11) In life right now, in general, what is your level of happiness and fulfillment as a person?

12) Would you like to set up a 30-45 minute discovery call with Suzanne over the phone? (yes/no/not yet)

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