Loveable Group Class

Are you feeling disempowered, confused and discouraged about dating, men, love and relationships?  Then it’s definitely your time to experience freedom, fun and ease around all of this!!

I will give you new perspectives that are super empowering. Dating does not have to hard. Relationships do not have to be extreme work. Men can be really awesome. Love does feel good when we are clear, honoring ourselves and have some new ways to get what we WANT without manipulation.

If this sounds WAYYY more fun than your current reality… check out this course!

I can teach you exactly how to be loveable – love someone fully, receive love and love and honor yourself.  YAY!  And, I make it fun, easy and rewarding!

You Will Learn How To:

  • unleash your natural love energy to attract love easily and everywhere.
  • radiate love inside and out.
  • trust your instincts and take risks when opportunities present themselves without hesitation.
  • be more open to receive someone’s love, see love and experience love in new ways.
  • understand how to communicate with men to get what you want without manipulation.
  • be happier and more fulfilled in your own skin.
  • have your thoughts work with you versus against you.

In this 10 call series, we’ll be deep diving into the 21 practices from my book, Loveable: 21 Practices For Being In A Loving & Fulfilling Relationship. You’ll gain tremendous efficiency and confidence in all of these skills to be open and available for love to swoop in and know how to be the source of maintaining it…yes..YOU!  Some of my clients have fallen madly in love very quickly during the course, some have started dating and others now thoroughly enjoy the dating process towards their juiciest love life ever!

Either way, you’ll be READY for love to happen..and that’s what matters.  No one wants to be in and out of relationships. Learn the skills now and trust yourself in all situations.  Also, when you register, I’ll mail you a copy of Loveable as part of your course!

Couple with presentHow Do We Get There?

Week 1)  Introductions and Your New Destiny
Week 2)  Lighten the Load and Flood Yourself with Love
Week 3)  A Secret to Happiness and The 5 Love Languages
Week 4)  Transform Your Thoughts and The Busted Picker
Week 5)  Now Not Later, Clutter and Learn Your Buns Off
Week 6)  Your Natural Love Energy, Words with a Big Splash & The Love Letter
Week 7)  Surrender, The Art of Playful Flirting and Self Worth
Week 8)   Communication Must-Haves and Happy & Healthy Couples
Week 9)  Spoiled and Pampered and Expectations
Week 10)  Thank you and celebration of your accomplishments and miracles.

Highlights From Participants:

Relationships have occurred as hard, as confusing, and as I could never have what I wanted. Then the class happened in my life, and I now know what to focus on and what to put my attention on.  I feel my relationship is different because I’m different.  It is a relationship that I am more and more proud of everyday.  Also I am more confident and more skilled in the relationship arena.” – Joani

Thank you for the coaching around this scenario. It has certainly opened up my eyes that I have not been communicative enough, when I thought I was. Wow, just wow. Thanks for challenging me weekly and pushing my boundaries and I am grateful to be held accountable in addition.” – Carol

Being on a mission to find my true love, the class gave me a clean slate. The class allowed me to look at different experiences to see how I’d given up on love, stopped taking risks and opening my heart. My outer protective shield began to crumble. And my loveable way of being started to come forward.” – Annie

Class Details:

Dates: TBD

Times: Each call will be 90 minutes and starts at TBD

10 calls together over three months! We’ll be using a conference call number which has a dial-in number for each country as well. It works great! Some people will be on vacation or in other classes some of the time. That’s okay. I will record the calls and send them out the next day.

Registration: Cost of the course is $997

Register by TBD and your investment is $647. Payment plan is available – 4 payments of $175.

To register and pay in full, click here; for payment plan, click here.

After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation and I’ll mail your copy of Loveable. Let’s get started!