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Are you someone who would like to have the best relationship of your entire life and not sure how to get it? You’ve come to the right place. Many people, including myself, have used these 21 practices within Loveable to find the love of their lives and have EXACTLY what they wanted in a relationship, and so can YOU!

“Suzanne has done the work to bring you 21 practices that will get you the relationship you want. Follow her advice and create the relationship of your dreams!” – John Gray, PhD

If you want to be loved for who you are, able to fully love a man while loving and honoring yourself, Loveable is a great choice.

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“The 21 practices in this book are short, simple, to the point, easy to apply… and they work! I tried them myself and got tremendous results in my relationship. If you’re disillusioned, disappointed, or cynical and resigned about finding a healthy romantic relationship, Loveable will help you see the dating world from 21 new perspectives and show you how to take 21 giant steps toward lasting love….” – Alice

“…With the help of Suzanne and her book ‘Lovable’ I’ve started to declutter my brain of my negative beliefs about dating, relationships and love, and my gremlins are getting quieter and quieter. Whenever they try to raise their voice I pick up the book and reread one of the chapters. After some sessions and shortly after reading the book for the first time I met someone very special and it’s been going incredibly wonderful, so I’m very grateful to Suzanne and her invaluable lessons!” – Sarah

“This is a must read to open up doors of opportunity you didn’t know existed. I have now met a great guy and have some awesome tools to explore our relationship.” – CC

“Even after 47 years of marriage, I found I could learn to be happier in expressing my lovable languages. Who knew it could be that simple. It was amazing! Once I started reading, I did not put the book down.” – Arlene

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