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Does a healthy relationship keep escaping you, and you are smart, professional and self-reflective?

Does dating feel exhausting, time-consuming and you’re still picking the wrong people for you?

No one learned about dating, healthy relationships and love in school, however, everyone is capable of learning it.

And, no matter what your past has been, we can alter your future!

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If you are willing to learn a new way, I can help you. I offer a step-by-step proven process that will guide you through this emotionally charged area of life to a healthy relationship, whether you’ve never been married or married and divorced several times.

My approach makes the process as fun, smooth and simple, as possible.

I can’t change your past, but together we can change your future. 86% of my clients are in solid and healthy relationships! And you can be too.

My clients tell me, “Never in a million years, did I think a relationship could be like this!” They are thrilled because they knuckled down, partnered with me, gained the skills they needed, and tried new things – and now their love lives rock!

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Where Do I Meet Quality People For ME?

Download this Powerful 3-Page PDF doc that will introduce you to some new ideas about WHERE to meet quality people for YOU!

This document includes…

  • many other places and possibilities
  • additional ideas to meet people good for you
  • other locations you may never have thought of

Read what clients are raving about…


“In 2001 my husband left. I was devastated! So now what? I’m 40 years old and alone with two small children and basically no life other than being a mom. I didn’t even realize just how resigned and cynical I was becoming about dating and men.

Then came Suzanne’s workshop. Within the first five minutes I knew what was in between me and dating. The workshop was fun and creative and it gave me a whole new world for me to live into! I started doing what I enjoy – country dancing  – and met someone. I am now MARRIED.” – Donna

“I was frustrated. I was lonely. I get all kinds of referrals in my business, but why aren’t the people I know referring their attractive, single friends to me? What’s wrong with me?

Wow! After working with Suzanne, I went from having no dates to four possible interests – including a referral from friends. And boy were my socks knocked off. I was blown away – here is this one woman who is everything I wanted… This is the real deal! I am now married!” – Jeff


“After 11 years of not dating and blocked to even consider dating again by the past, I said ‘yes’ to entrusting Suzanne with my heart. I’ve always been a very loving woman, but something was extremely clogged, and I was very uneasy with men who wanted to get close.

I didn’t expect finding the love of my life to happen so quickly! Or so easily. He is even more than I ever dreamed was possible…  I really am so thankful for all the work Suzanne helped me do to be able to appreciate who he is. We are now married.” – Sue

Before reading Loveable, and before Suzanne’s coaching, I was on three dating websites, and I was going on plenty of dates, but none of them were getting past the second date.

I applied Suzanne’s coaching about listening to my heart to other areas of my life. Here’s a quick synopsis of the result in my life of all this. Currently, I live and work at a beach hotel in Costa Rica that is a two-minute walk from the surf. I just bought land in Costa Rica. I have the most amazing girlfriend who loves it here too, who is now my business partner. I’m fit and happy and surfing, and the work I did with Suzanne and her book played a key role. We are now married.” – Culum


Loveable Book Paperback

“Suzanne has done the work to bring you 21 practices that will get you the relationship you want. Follow her advice and create the relationship of your dreams!”
– John Gray, PhD

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